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    Monday, November 03, 2008

    Richie Rich And Crew Cut Charlie Get Another "L"

    My Turkey Of The Week award goes to Rich "I Don't Care About Contracts" Rodriquez and his Michigan Wolverines who lost to Purdue 48-42 on Saturday. Richie Rich helped snap Purdue's five-game losing streak and also assured the Wolverines' first losing season since 1967. Ouch! In addition, Michigan will now see their streak of 33 straight bowl appearances end also which was the longest in the NCAA. Next in line is FSU who needs one more victory to make 27 straight bowl appearances.

    My honorable mention goes to Notre Dame who lost at home to Pitt for only the third time in the last 11 games. For Notre Dame and crew cut Charlie Weis, it was their third loss to teams with winning records this season.

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