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    Monday, November 03, 2008

    Carr Can Not Only Catch But Also Block

    * Special teams coverage by FSU has got to get better. FSU let Tech get huge amounts of yards on kickoffs.

    * Greg Carr has really improved in catching balls in traffic and in blocking. The 62 yard run by Jermaine Thomas in second quarter was aided by a great block by Carr.

    * Our secondary is definitely in need of improvement. Patrick Robinson had an easy interception on first Georgia Tech drive but failed to bring it in. He did get a pick later in the fourth quarter. Once again Carter and Rolle were MIA.

    * Jermaine Thomas is definitely the real deal. Fisher has to find a way to get him more touches.

    * Speaking of the real deal, Graham Gano has been nothing short of amazing since coming back from his injury.

    * The showing by the Nole defense is baffling to say the least. This was not a good day for Mickey Andrews. There were holes wide enough to drive a semi-truck through. When the runner got into the secondary, there was no one there either.

    * One bright note was that we only had 22 yards in penalties. Surprising to say the least.

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