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    Monday, November 03, 2008

    No Lucky Hat for Bobby On Saturday

    * For the second week in a row, it was gorgeous football weather. If only if we had won, it would have been perfect.

    * "Dadgum it" and "you know" seem to be the two most favorite phrases of Bobby Bowden.

    * Interesting stat from the ABC announcer regarding the type of spread offense employed by Tech. Apparently only two schools employ that type offense.

    * How do the cameramen manage to find all the good looking women in the stands? (By the way, I'm not complaining.)

    * There was an interesting FSU-Georgia Tech connection. Andrew Smith, son of the great Nole receiver Barry Smith, is a receiver for Tech.

    * In watching replay of the game, there was a shot of FSU male cheerleaders. Couple of those guys may want to hit the gym for some heavy cardio or pull themselves away from the dinner table.

    * It was another two hat day for Bobby. Unfortunately neither hat was a lucky hat.

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