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    Monday, November 03, 2008

    Don't Use Meyer And Class In Same Sentence

    One thing can be said about Florida's Urban Meyer. You can never use his name and class in the same sentence. In addition, Kirk "The Homer" Herbstreit has a man crush on him which compounds it even further. The latest classless act from Urban "The Cryer" Meyer came in last Saturday's game against Georgia who the Gators hammered 49-10.

    With the game clearly over, ole Urban signaled a timeout with 44 seconds remaining in the game after third-string tailback Emmanuel Moody had carried the ball for 14 yards. Moody ran for 17 yards more and Meyer called the third and final timeout with 30 seconds to go.

    So what was Meyer's response when asked about this? “What was the deal?,” Meyer said, repeating the question. “It seemed like you might have been trying to rub it in there,” one reporter said. “No,” Meyer replied. “Just trying to win the game.” For that act of classless behavior, Meyer deserves my Pie In The Face Award.

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    Seminoles Source said...

    What a jerk!