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    Monday, November 10, 2008

    Just Call Him "Warren"

    * Interesting chat televised by ABC that Bobby and Dabo had before the game. Dabo wishing Bobby a happy birthday and Bobby telling him that Tommy really liked him. A mutual admiration fest.

    * The trooper that is always with Bobby Bowden at the games must be as old as Bobby.

    * Some weird signals Dabo Swinney was sending in from the sidelines. I thought I saw some Star Trekesque signs.

    * Nice to see Warrick Dunn at the game on Saturday. Interesting story by him saying that Bobby could never get his name straight and called him Warren.

    * Interesting sights in the stands from glitter man to FSU cow girls to people being tossed in the air.

    * Sun Sports tape delay of the game showed FSU cheerleaders singing happy birthday to Bobby. They were a little off key but still nice gesture.

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